The lack of sex for men is extremely dangerous

Italian researchers announced the effect of sexual abstinence men. According to them, no sexual activity the stronger sex likely to undermine their health.

Even a month the lack of sex in men leads to the development of various chronic diseases in older age. Long-term abstinence, in fact, defines them in the same risk with smokers and patients with diabetes. To such conclusion cardiologists from Italy after a series of experiments.

Researchers selected 140 volunteers aged 18 to 25 years. Half of the men were healthy and the others suffered from impotence. According to the authors, within a month, all subjects had to abstain from sex.

The results of the study showed that almost all the volunteers after sexual abstinence became more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. “These heart problems can be associated with risks that appear in smokers after three years of nicotine addiction,” said the scientists.

For the second part of the study invited men over 45 years old. A survey of volunteers showed that 53% of them had problems with potency, and 61% diagnosed with heart disease and blood vessels. The prolonged absence of sexual activity, as expected, has only aggravated their condition.

“Long ago proved that sex is a natural need of any living creature. Specifically for men’s health lack of sex often leads to uncontrollable aggression, nervousness, hormonal problems and cardiovascular disease, especially heart attacks, prostatitis and impotence, – said the “MK” the work of Italian scientists sexologist Dmitry Golovanov. – My experience shows that men who even in old age have regular sexual intercourse, suffer less illnesses much more active and look much younger than their peers”

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