Smartphones are bad for male potency

Smartphones are firmly established in human life, but is it safe to use mobile devices of last generations? European doctors have found that health, particularly men’s, “smart” gadgets do have an impact.┬áTo fix it may cialis.

The effect of electronic media that is rapidly developing in recent time, not lose interest in science. Fresh research announced the publication of Central European Journal of Urology, there is a correlation between frequency of use of mobile devices and male potency.

Doctors have examined 30 non-Smoking men is about the same age, weight and height and with similar indicators of the level of testosterone in the blood, 20 of which had problems with potency. It turned out that these men used mobile devices more than four hours daily (held in hand or carried in his pocket). But those ten people who were full of life, used their gadgets are not more than two hours a day.

Recall that earlier this year scientists from Harvard medical school shared the results of his research, which found that mobile devices can disrupt sleep and contribute to insomnia. Previously, experts argued a negative influence of such gadgets on the health of the fetus in pregnant women.

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