Scientists have proven that drugs for baldness lead to impotence

Researchers from Feinbergs school of medicine announced that they have found a link between the medication for male pattern baldness and problems in the intimate sphere.

It turned out that the medications can help to restore hair growth have a negative impact on male potency. The relationship was discovered by scientists after tests in which took part more than 12 thousand volunteers. All of them passed the medical examination.
It appeared that men who used drugs to restore hair growth have noted the deterioration of potency, the publication of PEERJ.

The study involved men under the age of 42, which is used for the treatment of baldness the drug finasteride short course. Even a few of tablets of this popular substance among men suffering from alopecia, was enough to have markedly decreased potency.

And those who took the drug more than 205 days, five times more were exposed to the disorder of erection. In addition, scientists say that also on the potency of men is affected by and other popular drug dutasteride, the effect of which on the male body similarly finasteride — it helps to restore hair growth, but also disrupts the reproductive system of the male body.
In addition, scientists say that the problems are also retained for three years after cessation of treatment, a poet should seriously consider before you start to take medication for baldness that can create more serious problems.

Previously, scientists have proved that impotence reduces the life expectancy of men.

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