Male potency drugs kill!

The results of the study of the American company Kaiser Permanente under the direction of Diana S. Londono showed that problems with potency in men are common side effect of the medication. The more handfuls of different pills more severe form of erectile dysfunction.

With the help of California’s “Studio men’s health” scientists have found and interviewed 31712 men of different nationalities in the ages from 40 to 69 years of age, complained of problems with potency in the period from 2002 to 2003. From this group Londono and her colleagues isolate those who often took drugs (more than 3 different drugs) and focused all their attention on them.

In 29% of the “selected” respondents, the researchers found erectile dysfunction to moderate and severe. The disease was not associated with increased body mass index or hypertension or high level of cholesterol in blood, no Smoking and depression (even without taking into account these factors, the relationship between male potency and a pharmacological traced very clearly).

Diana S. Londono brings the frequency of cases of erectile dysfunction the average degree for all age groups: up to 2 drugs (16126 patients) – 15,9%; from 3 to 5 (10046 patients) – 19.7 per cent; from 6 to 9 (6870 patients) – 25.5 percent; 10 or more (4670 patients) of 30.9%.
The hardest “hit” on the potency of antihypertensive drugs (thiazides, beta-blockers and clonidine), psychogenic (selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake) and medicines that affect the metabolism of testosterone.

“The root of the problem is that these people were self-medicating. But doctors should not forget about the side effects of drugs, say the authors of the study. – If necessary, the dose of drugs necessary to reduce or use alternative methods of therapy”.

PS American researchers concluded that 57% of patients who have problems with male potency, has received more than 3 drugs of different groups, and 25% not less than 10.

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