Male occupations that cause impotence

Scientists from the University of Manchester built the list of professions that have a negative impact on men’s health. They investigated working conditions, the number of divorces, nervous stress the representatives of these professions. The results were disastrous: almost all major specialties have a negative impact on the health of men.


The businessmen – sedentary work, not exactly a balanced diet, long working hours, stress due to the instability of the stock market, the slow work of the state apparatus. Their life is a struggle for the assets, career growth, and love do not have the strength, desire and time. Psychologists believe that the part of entrepreneurs – the fear of intimate relations.


Many women like the military. But they have a tense and sometimes dangerous service, so the answer doesn’t always work. On relationships with women leave a good impression, constantly moving, communication with colleagues, monotone, strict discipline. It is especially difficult to build relationships with women to the sailors. After a long trip they want to, but can not always get rid of the stereotype that a woman on a ship is not good. In medicine even use the term “impotence of the seafarer”. It is difficult for men of law enforcement. Even at home it is not always possible to get rid of thoughts about work and switch on an intimate relationship with his wife. Men of creative professions they also have difficulties: all energy is directed on proof of his genius, but it turns out not at all, judging by the number who achieved public recognition. Servants of the muses lead free lifestyle, some use drugs, not averse to casual sexual intercourse, suffer from the syndrome of unrecognized genius. All of this negatively affects the basic male instinct.


All is not well with men’s health and workers. Affects it hard work, heavy lifting, use of alcohol, harmful production associated with toxic gases, temperature difference. Physical labor does not exclude nerve stress, for example, the work of a miner, industrial climber, fireman, rescuer.

Sports and potency

A normal lifestyle are athletes, and, apparently, problems with potency should not be. But this is not true: strict mode, constant training, camps, competitions, injuries, treatment does not leave time and effort to improving personal life, permanent sexual partner.

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