Doctors invented viagra new appointment

The results of the preliminary clinical studies show that these blue pills may reduce the risk of deadly blood clots by 30%.

Tablets of viagra can prevent the development of blood clots in adult patients who passed through the stenting of the heart, as the study showed. Despite the fact that stents are created just to prevent such clots, these tiny metal rings sometimes produce the opposite effect. However, if the data frames to dip into sildenafil medicine erectile dysfunction – the risk of deadly complications is reduced. It is unknown whether contact viagra and stents to unplanned erection that is to the same effect, which was initially designed these pills.

While preliminary clinical studies were carried out only on rodents. Scientists discovered that the drug reduces the clotting of platelets by 30%. Blood clots or blood clots – is a common side effects of stenting of the heart, through which pass more than 50 000 Russians every year. Stents are established for patients whose arteries are clogged by plaques specific. Thereby significantly reduced the risk of a deadly heart attack. Often, stenting of the heart is carried out after a heart attack to prevent its recurrence.

Tiny metal ring mounted inside the arteries and cause them to expand, which should reduce the risk of blood clots. Older stents, previously consisting solely of one metal, sometimes produce the opposite effect, narrowing the arteries, called restenosis. Modern stents are often treated with medications to prevent blood clots, however, even in these new versions, the risk of thrombosis persists. To prevent researchers from South Korea and propose to use sildenafil or viagra as it is more commonly known patients.

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