First aid for male potency

According to medical statistics, nearly every third man from time to time faced with a sexual problem. How to organize an urgent intimate care at home, using only natural products – this is our article.

Before you start treatment, consider: recently, sexual problems are increasingly the effects of external stress. Physical and psychological stress, strong emotional turmoil almost always affect sexuality. That is symptomatic: the impact of trauma is not always immediate. Often, its impact felt in the moment when a tense situation already experienced. That lag is explained by the protective mechanisms of the psyche.

If male potency suddenly affected by some kind of stressful situation, here’s one recipe – the rest, including sex. A light massage, yoga classes, activating the blood circulation in the pelvic region and genitals, aroma bath, this will calm you down, to regain psychological balance.

First aid for male potency

Folk remedies for male enhancement

Eggs. The easiest option – eggs, fried in butter with onions. This dish gives you energy, promotes sexual activity.

Fish. Well-boiled mackerel, broth from cancer-help boost sexual potency.

Nuts, seeds: walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, etc. of Sesame seed in India suggest to fry and eat with honey.

Figs. Used to increase potency in of the southern peoples. It acts as a means of strengthening the power of stimulating the heart (which is very important), liver and kidneys.

Ginseng. To prevent sexual problems, men should take a daily thirty the root to the tip of a knife.

Ginseng and apilak (jelly for the Queen bee). This mixture is recommended for exhaustion, including nervous, infertility, impotence.

Flower pollen. Restores hormonal balance and activates the sex glands, improves the General condition. Take a teaspoon a day.

Honey and pollen. Helps with weak potency and infertility. Should take a teaspoon a day.

Onions with honey. Grate the onion, mix with honey in proportion 1:1. Take a tablespoon morning and evening for one month. Not just restores potency but also has a restorative effect on the body.

Herbal “Men’s tea”. Mix cranberry leaf, parsley, raspberry leaves. This mix is good for problems with the prostate gland.

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