Conditional impotence: what is it?

Recently the doctors have a new term – conditional violation of potency. Conditional because in 75% of cases, no physiological disorders the patient has no. Which treated cialis. But often apparently healthy men complaining of the lack of erection.

The root cause of such problems usually associated with the lifestyle of the patient. Thus, during the working day, nervous agitation, simply put stress , so strain the nervous system that the evening starts braking, which is expressed as apathy, feelings of emptiness. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy food and bad habits only further suppress the potency and tone. In this case urogenital system can work normally, but the nervous system does not “support” of physical desire. Hence a frequent complaint of patients: “Doctor, I want to, but I can’t.”

As a rule, in such a situation, men begin to look for doping. The most common of these is alcohol. Very often patients say to me: “Doctor, I dry can’t.”
Indeed, alcohol restorative the nervous system and simultaneously depresses the adrenal cortex, which is responsible for the production of male hormones.

In recent years, widespread of various pharmaceutical drugs to increase potency on the basis of a phosphodiesterase inhibitor such as viagra, cialis, levitra. However, the problem of such tools is that they have a single action and, in addition to possible side effects, make men psychologically dependent on pills. Patients say, “Doctor, I’m afraid no pills – just starting to get nervous, nothing is impossible.” Therefore, to enhance potency in men, doctors try to prescribe to their patients herbal preparations. Are best natural remedies that you can drink regularly without the risk of side effects – they normalize the nervous system, have a rejuvenating effect, increase endurance and tone, but most importantly stimulate the body to self-production of testosterone. Such drugs include, in particular, the funds on the basis of root far East ginseng, the Tibetan mushroom yarsa-Gumba, Asian Eurycoma longifolia, European Ginkgo bilobate. For centuries, the local population uses these plants in General medicinal purposes, and also to improve erections. The body such drugs are not used, and after completion of the course, their admission does not occur the so-called “syndrome of failure” affecting the future life of man.

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