Scientists believe that viagra may be helpful for pregnant women

The first data on the effects of viagra on the body of pregnant women will appear in early 2017

Scientists from New Zealand and Australia believe that the remedy of impotence viagra is able to improve the survival of the fetus is not growing in the womb, according to
Drug sildenafil citrate or viagra prescribed by physicians for erectile dysfunction, can help not only men, but pregnant women, or rather their future children. Continue reading “Scientists believe that viagra may be helpful for pregnant women”

Viagra may affect the quality of sex

According to scientists, the doctors must provide the patients with reliable information

If men have problems with potency and he decides to take the Viagra or any similar tool, it can expect disappointment. The drug will increase the level of sexual activity, but not satisfaction, found scientists at the University of Manchester. Moreover, the presence of erectile dysfunction significantly increases the risk of diabetes and hypertension, reports referring to The Hindustan Times. Continue reading “Viagra may affect the quality of sex”