6 ways to strengthen the potency according to the method of Tao

Rapidly approaching the holidays and new year holidays certainly spur the sexual activity of our compatriots. To withstand a “bed marathon” without mistakes and misfires will help men the recommendation of the famous American sexologist Michael, who advises sildenafil, wine, based on the tenets of the ancient Chinese system of mental and physical health.

1. Sex after a plentiful meal is taboo. When the male body is focused on digestion of food, sperm production slows down, but it’s not the worst. Sex on a full stomach upset, and most of all when it goes to the spleen, so it is better to eat not in front of and after copulation, and something sweet – dates, bananas or figs. These products are best just to restore sexual energy.

2. The bladder should be empty. Emptying it should be 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, otherwise the kidneys will suffer from unnecessary pressure. Urination after intercourse useful only under the condition that women go monthly: in this case, urine prevent the possible ingress of blood into the urethra.

3. You can not engage in heavy physical labor before and after sex. This burden depletes the organism of the man and blocks his sexual energy.

4. Shower immediately after sex hurts. Water is a conductor of electricity, and shower immediately after the sexual act depriving a man of accumulated charge, why he feels tired. To water procedures should be used after 40-60 minutes after sex.

5. Intense frictions is a mistake. Too strong and active penetration, but also heavy blows of the pelvic bones can cause numbness of the vagina and to reinforce women’s negative associations with such rough sex.

6. Erotic fantasies can stop. The more often a man resorts to this method of excitation, as the sex images from erotic films or magazines, the harder it is to use sexual energy from their body and to focus on the partner.

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