3 “gold” food for male potency

3 gold meals for men potenzielle it comes to cooking, inciting passion, many immediately imagine the delicacies. In any case, something non-trivial – oysters, champagne, exotic fruit. Meanwhile, the most common and well-known products can perform the same function, but also protect the purse.

In the year 209 BC, the Roman soldiers learned the vegetable, which they call Capa. His Roman legionaries valued for one valuable property – cost to attach leaf vegetable to the wound as quickly starred inflammation: mouth seemed to suck the redness and heat from the damaged area.

Currently confirmed almost all the unique properties of cabbage, which doctors then use to treat many ailments. When heart problems should be applied to the left breast of a boiled cabbage leaf. If the deterioration of hearing is put for the ear compress of mint slaw. Salted cabbage in Ancient Rome was intended only for women: during pregnancy and the critical days. And men doctors recommended to wrap in cabbage penis if men’s power suddenly began to give slack.

Recent research scientists from the United States and Canada show that among vegetables for the stronger sex, it is preferable cruciferous vegetables, i.e. cabbage, especially broccoli and cauliflower. Just one serving of cauliflower a week by 52% reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer is a very common and dangerous disease. It is usually found in older men, but researchers are advised to take care of the health of youth and to regularly include in your diet cauliflower. Broccoli reduces the risk of developing the disease by 45%.

Cabbages are Packed with fiber, contains no sugar, phosphorus compounds, fats, lactose, vitamins A, b and C. of particular note is the presence of potassium and folic acid – substances that help in the synthesis of semen.

It helps cabbage

Red cabbage protects men from infertility , helps their immune system, gives energy and strength. Contained in red cabbage zinc enhances libido.

Brussels sprouts contains a loading dose of vitamins and valuable microelements, and is famous for its anti-cancer properties.

Sauerkraut men’s enriches the body with vitamins and helps to strengthen male potency.

Fair maiden for male potency

Another ordinary and cheap coneplot stimulating men to sexual exploits – carrots. Arab medicine advises simmer carrots in milk: the regular use of this dish improves potency. Well as weakening of the male potency good effect carrot juice with honey (taking it at 0.25 Cup 2-3 times a day).

Stuffed with pepper – manly dish

According to a study commissioned by the world’s largest manufacturer of condoms “Durex”, the Hungarians occupy the first place in the number of sexual acts per year, and this is the merit of paprika – red pepper. It turned out that in combination with the components of traditional Hungarian cuisine – pork and sour cream – paprika unprecedented awakens sexual desire in even the lazy males. Main dish for stimulating male libido experts believe… the usual cabbage rolls stuffed with seasoned pepper. This dish is better than the other stimulates the potency and contributes to quick conception.

Research experts who man the white race for full existence, you need to consume at least 300 g paprika. In Russia, a person has only 30 g.

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