6 misconceptions about male potency

Age 42 – 45 years is considered an important psychological and physiological threshold in the life of men. As he reflected on the sexual Constitution? Remain sexual activity at the same level, or better obviously to prepare for unpleasant surprises? Practice shows, the intimate male sphere still full of unnecessary stereotypes…

1. A position of responsibility and sexual longevity are incompatible…

According to sexologists, the situation is just the opposite. High social status men of Mature age makes him more confident, and this quality is vital for maintaining sexuality. A blow for male potency, as a rule, is sudden retirement.

2. Rumor has it that Mature men should frequently change partners, because it stimulates sexuality…

According to scientific data, a new relation to the body of a Mature man can be a real stress. First, men over 40 have, as a rule, is the prevailing model of communication, including sexual. And subconsciously he feels fear to fail with a new partner. Secondly, not every woman can get a real pleasure from the first meeting. The man due to life experience it is well known, and his anxiety only compounded.

Own concerns and worries can interfere with a Mature guy to experience the expected satisfaction, and if unsuccessful meetings will be repeated, he faces a serious nervous breakdown.

3. The more the better?

Sexual Constitution, which determines sexual activity, did not correlate with the size of the sexual organs. It is important for the normal operation of the hormonal system.

4. To extend your sexuality, you need to take special hormones…

To take hormonal drugs can only under the doctor’s control, the initiative in this matter only hurts.
Hormone treatment is appointed only after carrying out the relevant surveys and analyses. To define “by eye”, not, alas, impossible. Therefore, do not need to take drugs to delay the extinction of sexual function. This problem is not always associated with a lack of male hormones.
Conversely, men can be androgen deficiency (deficiency of male sex hormones), but not necessarily that come the climax.

Self-treatment with hormones can have unwanted effects on man’s nature. The experiments with rats, for example, showed that as a result of prophylactic administration of testosterone for males is a strong sexual arousal – suddenly manifested maternal instinct, and the males were nursing partners with children.

5. Impotence is a male menopause…

Actually, this is a different phenomenon. Impotence distinguish situational (failure with a certain partner) and organic (triggered by obstruction of blood vessels, hormonal deficiency, etc.).
Menopause is characterized by the extinction of sexual function. It happens gradually and imperceptibly, half of men older than 70 years is capable of (optionally) to perform sexual acts, and with strong sexual Constitution sexual activity and fertility are preserved until a great age.

Thus, menopause is a phenomenon of the age, and impotence can occur in 20-year-old boy and his grandfather.

6. There is impotence, no sex…

Situational impotence can be cured on their own. To do this, sometimes it is enough to find another partner with more suitable temperament. For more serious situational problems with potency, you can consult a professional therapist.
When organic impotence should seek treatment for injuries.

Among the drugs that help men deal with impotence known means of containing prostaglandins group e Erection after taking occurs regardless of the presence of attractive object. However, be aware that prolonged use of such drugs may experience priapism – a phenomenon when a member is constantly in an erect state.

More gently operate by means of the last generation of viagra. Erection after taking only occurs “on purpose”, and accepted the action of the pill is maintained for 4 hours.

In cases of severe organic impotence effective relief can bring penile prosthesis. Modern falloprotezy operate on the principle of hydraulic structures and allow a man to experience a full erection at the right moments. Women also don’t have a clue. Unless, of course, men do not talk about their “purchase”.

Male occupations that cause impotence

Scientists from the University of Manchester built the list of professions that have a negative impact on men’s health. They investigated working conditions, the number of divorces, nervous stress the representatives of these professions. The results were disastrous: almost all major specialties have a negative impact on the health of men.


The businessmen – sedentary work, not exactly a balanced diet, long working hours, stress due to the instability of the stock market, the slow work of the state apparatus. Their life is a struggle for the assets, career growth, and love do not have the strength, desire and time. Psychologists believe that the part of entrepreneurs – the fear of intimate relations.


Many women like the military. But they have a tense and sometimes dangerous service, so the answer doesn’t always work. On relationships with women leave a good impression, constantly moving, communication with colleagues, monotone, strict discipline. It is especially difficult to build relationships with women to the sailors. After a long trip they want to, but can not always get rid of the stereotype that a woman on a ship is not good. In medicine even use the term “impotence of the seafarer”. It is difficult for men of law enforcement. Even at home it is not always possible to get rid of thoughts about work and switch on an intimate relationship with his wife. Men of creative professions they also have difficulties: all energy is directed on proof of his genius, but it turns out not at all, judging by the number who achieved public recognition. Servants of the muses lead free lifestyle, some use drugs, not averse to casual sexual intercourse, suffer from the syndrome of unrecognized genius. All of this negatively affects the basic male instinct.


All is not well with men’s health and workers. Affects it hard work, heavy lifting, use of alcohol, harmful production associated with toxic gases, temperature difference. Physical labor does not exclude nerve stress, for example, the work of a miner, industrial climber, fireman, rescuer.

Sports and potency

A normal lifestyle are athletes, and, apparently, problems with potency should not be. But this is not true: strict mode, constant training, camps, competitions, injuries, treatment does not leave time and effort to improving personal life, permanent sexual partner.

Scientists believe that viagra may be helpful for pregnant women

The first data on the effects of viagra on the body of pregnant women will appear in early 2017

Scientists from New Zealand and Australia believe that the remedy of impotence viagra is able to improve the survival of the fetus is not growing in the womb, according to fedpost.ru.
Drug sildenafil citrate or viagra prescribed by physicians for erectile dysfunction, can help not only men, but pregnant women, or rather their future children. Continue reading “Scientists believe that viagra may be helpful for pregnant women”